Philips EasyTouch Plus Standing Garment Steamer

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  • Philips EasyTouch Plus 523/60 Standing Garment Steamer for easy crease removal from your special-occasion and difficult-to-iron garments. Voltage 220-240 V. :Variable steam: 5 levels. Integrated power plug : Yes
  • Helps to kill bacteria, easily de-wrinkles even intricately designed ethnic or formal-wear through its powerful 1600W wattage and continuous steam delivery of up to 32g/min
  • Ideal for use on many fabrics like heavily embroidered garments, versatile designer wear, occasion-wear, heavily layered or pleated attires, and also men’s jackets or kurtas
  • Steam settings help in crease removal from even thicker garments
  • Protect your cherished outfits as it guarantees no-burns due to its steam mechanism, quick and ready for use in <1 min
  • Comfortably hang garments like gowns, lehengas and kurta with its adjustable doubles poles that allow better stability and various height settings, GC523 comes with support mat for extra crisp results
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Philips EasyTouch Plus Standing Garment Steamer

Easy to get rid of Wrinkle With This Product

The day’s area unit is gone after you accustomed fight with the wrinkles to get rid of from your garments. This advanced standing garment steamer with fashionable technology will de-wrinkle your special clothes during a restricted time. the continual steam delivery system for 32h/min makes your dresses prepared for second wear while not laundry.

So far, extremely adorned dresses, gemmed sarees, folded or superimposed garments, etc., were tough to iron reception. With this garment steamer, you’ll quickly iron those while not damaging the material. For men’s suits, jackets, jeans, etc., you’ll use this garment steamer well.

You don’t get to worry about your favorite dresses. This product comes with the most effective steam mechanism, thus your dress won’t get burnt ever. Your dress is going to be able to wear in but a moment.

Standing Garment Steamer: Comes With Adjustable Double Poles

Ironing within the horizontal position is effortful and long. Instead, if you discover the simplest way to iron vertically, that may be helpful for you. This garment steamer is that the thanks to iron your clothes properly.

It comes with adjustable double poles wherever you’ll suspend your clothes, like gowns, suits, sarees, etc., and iron them. It provides higher stability, and you’ll conjointly amendment the peak as per your usage. to create your dress crisper, it comes with a GC523 mat.

Takes Care of Your garments the most effective

There are unit sure forms of dresses that you simply} can’t wash just once one wears them. So, if you wish to create it prepared for second wear, a garment steamer will facilitate. obtain this product, and you’ll get your dress ready as new.

During the time of year, your garments, curtains, bed linens, etc., typically get damps. victimization this garment steamer will solve your drawback. Iron your apparel with this garment steamer. Keep your garment in its best condition each season.

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Philips EasyTouch Plus Standing Garment Steamer
Philips EasyTouch Plus Standing Garment Steamer
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